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St. Vincent de Paul, otherwise known as Vinnies, was founded in Paris, France, in the 1830s. It wasn’t until 1845 that they first set foot in the US.

The organization offers material and spiritual aid to households and individuals in need. Its outreach activities extend to disaster relief, as well as visits to elder care facilities, hospitals, and prisons. To date, it has deployed nearly 100,000 trained volunteers across the United States.

One of the ways they achieve their charitable objectives is through donations, as well as by partnering with corporate sponsors and other non-profit organizations. The society also sponsors fundraising events, such as an annual Friends of the Poor Walk/Run.

Resources and training to individuals interested in opening thrift stores are also available, as they benefit both parties.

Two types of donations that St Vincent de Paul welcome is in financial nature and vehicles.

Local thrift stores may vary in the kinds of donated items they accept, so you’re encouraged to contact the nearest store for guidance on preferred items. St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix, for example, prefers donations of clothing, shoes, non-perishable food, houseware, toys, school supplies, etc.

Local chapters of the SDVP run their own thrift stores, where donors are encouraged to drop off their donations. They also maintain donation bins in their areas of operation. You can find the closest St Vincent de Paul donation location to you by entering in your address in the box above.

If you’re unable to find one of their donation locations in a close distance to you, maybe Goodwill has one. After all, they have the largest number of clothing boxes and thrift stores in the US.

Home pickups for donated items may be arranged with the local chapter or thrift store nearest to the donor. The organization also provides pickup services for donated vehicles.

The SDVP’s National Office is based in Missouri, a state which has a huge number of donation boxes and thrift stores, but it operates from many states. It has the greatest number of clothing bins and thrift stores in FloridaCalifornia, and Wisconsin.

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List of St Vincent de Paul Thrift Stores

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Vinnies supports and runs many different types of community programs. Some of these include helping people get back to work, caring for those without food, disaster assistance, and community youth programs.

If you done directly to one of the St Vincent de Paul thrift stores above, you’ll likely see your donations for sale in the coming weeks at the same store. They use the funds from the sales to support their other activities.