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Professional Recyclers Oklahoma is a charity founded in Oklahoma City in 1999. It is a member of the Oklahoma Recyclers Association and a certified “green company.” It has partnered with many ecologically conscious individuals and societies, plus non-profit and for-profit entities, in line with its advocacy to help communities “reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

Their company assists schools, clubs, sports organizations, churches, etc., in organizing fundraising events. Its textile recycling programs, such as the Bag Program, generate income for local charities and causes. The company issues checks in exchange for usable donations, which goes to the donor’s organization, school or charity of choice.

Professional Recyclers has served as a hub for fast circulation of supplies and support in times of crisis. Local charities have made use of the company’s logistics plan to distribute essential goods to neighborhoods, families and individuals in need during the first crucial hours following a natural disaster.

A range of donations are accepted to help fund their causes. These include gently used clothing, shoes, toys, books, accessories, old electronic devices, furniture, and more.

There are over 90 drive-thru donation stations, which accept bagged clothing, small accessories, and shoes. An estimated 500 donors utilize these stations every week.

Donation bins are located in and around Oklahoma City, as well as Guthrie and Stillwater. Organizations are invited to host bins, at no cost to them. Professional Recyclers issues a monthly check in exchange for the contents of hosted bins.

At-home pickup of donated items can be scheduled over the phone or through a form on the official website of Professional Recyclers Oklahoma. A tax receipt is issued to the donor once the items have been collected.

Professional Recyclers Oklahoma serves Oklahoma City and surrounding areas in Oklahoma.

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