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GrowNYC supports efforts to create green and sustainable environments within New York City. It was founded in 1970, in the spirit of the very first Earth Day.

This organization runs a network of farmers’ markets, promotes recycling initiatives, advocates the creation of more green spaces, and supports educational programs. GrowNYC has so far built over 125 new gardens for communities and schools in New York City, since the inception of the Green Space program in 1975.

GrowNYC supports Zero Waste Programs subsidized by the NYC Department of Sanitation, by spreading information and setting up events on recycling items and composting food scraps. They train NYCHA residents to become community recycling experts known as “Environmental Ambassadors.”

The organization also supports food recycling initiatives. Food not sold at its Greenmarket spaces is donated to food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens all over New York City.

This organization accepts financial donations. In addition, GrowNYC welcomes clothing, accessories, paired shoes, and reusable textiles. These are accepted by its partner, Wearable Collections, a for-profit clothing recycling company.

After donated items are sorted, the highest quality items are sold while the lowest quality pieces are set aside for recycling. Scrap fabrics, for example, are turned into rags or shredded for manufacturing purposes.

Donations can be dropped off at various Greenmarket locations all over NYC. Residential building owners may choose to sponsor clothing recycling bins by coordinating with Wearable Collections. GrowNYC also sponsors Stop ‘N’ Swap events, where donors can swap good quality clothing, houseware, books, and games, and toys.

Donation pickups within NYC can be scheduled with Wearable Collections through an online form.

This NYC-based organization has clothing donation drop-off points located in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

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