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Locate and donate your clothing to charities in Indiana

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What WNDU has shown us is that the state of Indiana has the capacity and the willingness to be very charitable. However, some may tend to throw this option through the window due to not having enough time to visit a charity, thrift store, or donation bin to donate their clothes to those in need. There a few charities to choose from if you’re living in Indiana, especially those who provide pickups or have clothing donation bins across the cities of that state. That’s an easy and simple way to donate your clothes, knowing that they will come in the hands of those in need.

Saint Vincent de Paul’s thrift stores are an excellent choice for a charity that has been invested in helping those in need in the state of Indiana. They accept donations that range from clothes to books, furniture, as well as other items. Their primary focus is to support and offer both spiritual and financial support to those in need.

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List of Indiana Clothing Donation Locations

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No matter which charitable organization you choose to donate to in Indiana from the list above, your donation will likely do a world of good for those on the other end. If you want to know specifics, please get in touch with the charity directly to find out.

They’ll usually end up in one of two places. Either being given directly to those in need, or going up for sale in a thrift store. Once sold, the funds will be used to support the organization’s causes.