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Locate and donate your clothing to charities in Michigan

Racks of clothes for sale in a Michigan thrift store and donation center

Despite its sometimes cold and harsh weather, residents of Michigan just like yourself somehow always manage to find the time to give back to their community. One of the most popular ways to do so is by donating your old clothes or other items to a thrift store or into one of the many donation bins around the state.

As you can see from the list below, there are plenty of charitable organizations that would be happy to receive your donations. Most of them will accept items such as clothing, accessories, handbags, shoes, toys, books, appliances, and other household goods.

If you’re not sure whether they can accept your donation, please give them a call beforehand.

There are plenty of organizations for you to choose from as well. One of the most popular is at one of The Salvation Army thrift stores. They have locations all around the state and usually accept a wide range of donations to their stores.

Goodwill also operates quite a few donation locations – both in the larger cities and smaller towns as well, meaning it’s likely you’re never too far from one no matter where you are in Michigan.

As well, if you know of any thrift stores or donations bins around Michigan that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add it in.

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List of Michigan Clothing Donation Locations

Scroll through the list of clothing donation boxes below or use the map to find one near you


Michigan has quite a few different charities where you’re able to donate your old clothes and other items to. It’s good because there’s plenty of location, and bad because it can make it hard to choose which one to donate to. If you care about what causes the organizations support, please visit their website for more info.

Clothe donations usually end up in one of two places. Either they’re sold in a thrift store or given to those directly in need.