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Not only does Oregon have some of the greatest scenery in the states, but they also have some of the most generous people. This is seen by the vast number of clothing donation bins and thrift stores you’ll find below.

Most of these locations will accept common household items such as toys, shoes, clothing, ornaments, appliances, and more.

If you’re not too sure whether they can use your donation, please give them a call beforehand to find out.

You’ll find these charities have set up shop all around Oregon – both in the big cities and the smaller towns around the state. Names you might recognize include The Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, and Savers.

If you care about what kind of causes your donations will be supporting, please get in touch with the charity or visit their website to find out more.

These charities are available throughout Oregon, including Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, and Hillsboro.

Lastly, if you know any more donation locations in Oregon that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add them in.

Clothing donation bin in Oregon

List of Oregon Clothing Donation Locations

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Charitable organizations in Oregon come in all different shapes and sizes. That means the causes they support are all different to, making it difficult to choose the best one for everyone. Visit the charity’s websites to find out more on what types of causes they support.

They’ll most likely end up for sale in one of the thrift stores you see above, or they’ll be donated directly to those in need.