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Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America came together 1904, with the founding of the Big Brothers movement. The organization’s mission is to provide children with adult mentors, in the hope of helping children cultivate good relationships, avoid risky behaviors, and achieve educational success.

Volunteer adult mentors are called “Bigs,” while the children they mentor are called “Littles.” Once a Big and Little are matched, they are regularly contacted by a Match Support Specialist to ensure that they have the feedback and support they need. And they’re always looking for new members so if you have time consider joining them!

The organization partners with other foundations for sponsorship of its activities. It is currently the largest mentoring network in the United States that is donor- and volunteer-supported.

BBBS accepts mainly financial contributions, but also accepts donated items through many of their charity bins you see in the map above, and through individual chapters.

You’ll find a large amount of their clothing bins in California, which is one of the most popular states in the US for donating old clothes.

They welcome donations of clothing, shoes, small household items, DVDs, books, small toys, musical instruments, art, and collectibles. Some chapters also accept furniture and vehicle donations.

BBBS has many donation locations and bins all around the country. They are managed by local chapters, for example the BBBS of Central New Mexico and the BBBS Foundation in Massachusetts.

Donated items are sold in thrift stores around the country. And in partnership with the thrift shop chain Savers, which buys unused donated items in bulk, they have grown to become one of the largest receivers of donated clothes in the country. Some individual chapters run their own online auctions.

Pickups may be scheduled with the BBBS Foundation itself, or with their individual chapters. Examples of BBBS chapters include Big Sisters of the Ocean State located in Providence, Rhode Island, and BBBS of Utah.

If you know of any BBBS donations locations that aren’t listed, please let us know and we’ll add it in.

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