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Many people in the state of Georgia have been wondering where are their donations going according to Straight. And it can get more complex than just typing clothing donations near me. That’s why good research is key to find the right charity that will match your preferences.

You’re doing two things by donating your items to a thrift store or into a bin. One, you’re helping someone in need, and two, you’re helping the environment get better and less polluted.

Probably one of the biggest charities in the US (and Georgia is no exception) is Goodwill, an organization that provides a lot of thrift stores in and around the big cities of Georgia. You can help this charity by either joining their programs or simply donating items like money, clothes, shoes, vehicles, etc. You can also buy products from their thrift store, knowing that the same money is going to the many development programs.

The Red Cross is yet another charity, through which you can help fund development programs and projects by donating common household items, including kitchenware, used furniture, and more. The volunteering program that the Red Cross uses donations to their stores to be charitable and directly help those in need.

These charities are available throughout Georgia, including Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County, Columbus, Macon-Bibb County, and Savannah.

Homewares for sale in a thrift store in Georgia

List of Georgia Clothing Donation Locations

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If you’re not sure what each charity supports, please visit their official website to find our more.

If you donate into a donation bin or to one of the thrift stores you see above, your items will most likely end up for sale in a thrift store. Otherwise they may be donated directly to those in need.