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America’s Thrift Stores add over 10,000 new items to each of their stores – every day. That’s a whole lot of donations given to them.

Across the states, they have more than 2,500 donation bins and store locations, so it’s not unlikely they receive thousands upon thousands of clothing donations every day. On top of that, they continue to add more and more store locations to their vast network.

It’s not only donations of clothes they accept. Shoes, accessories, linen, kitchen appliances, small electronics, toys, books, and furniture are also items they accept at their thrift stores and donation bins.

They’ve grown to such a powerhouse charity as they’ve been in business for quite a while. They were first founded in 1984 and have grown vastly thanks to their big dreams.

Maybe in the near future we’ll see them open clothing donation boxes in Texas – which is one of the most popular states for donating clothes.

One of their dreams being to donate $100 million to their charity partners in 10 years – all thanks to the kind efforts of people like you donation to their cause.

They’re showing no signs of slowing down either. With more and more thrift store locations opening up each year.

If you know of any America’s Thrift Store locations that aren’t listed below, please let us know and we’ll add it in.

Inside of an Americas Thrift store shop

List of America’s Thrift Store Locations

America’s largest list of donation & thrift store locations


America’s Thrift Store supports a number of causes including Make-a-Wish Alabama, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Louisiana Adult & Teen Challenge, and more. For the full list of causes, please visit their website.


Your donations will likely end up at one of their store locations above. From there, the items will be sold and the funds will be used to support their community activities.