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We have over 7300+ thrift stores and donation bins listed. Making it the largest collection of donation locations in the world. We're sure you'll find one near you.

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We help everyday Americans like yourself give back to the community in the easiest way possible. By donating clothes or other goods that you simply don't use anymore.

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Finding a thrift store or donation bin near you is easy. Simply select your city, choose an organization you's like to donate to, or visit the map to get started.

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Thrift stores and clothing donations bins are a great way to give back to your community and help those in need. It really is as simple as gathering up all the items you’re no longer using, and heading over to donate them.

Of course, make sure the items you’re planning on donating are in a usable and acceptable condition. Think of it like this, if you wouldn’t gift the items to your niece or nephew, it’s likely they aren’t suitable for donation.

These organizations, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, America’s Thrift Stores, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more, spend millions of dollars every year cleaning up piles of unusable clothes and other goods from their donation bin locations.

Clothe Donations was created to help facilitate an effective and easy way or finding the closest thrift store near you that accepts donations, or a standalone donation bin.

There are three ways to start your search. Either by selecting the state you’re in, choosing which organization you’d prefer to donate to, or by visiting the map and entering your exact location. All will return many donation locations near you.

Most thrift stores will accept a wide variety of goods. Examples include homewares, appliances, some furniture, clothing, shoes, toys, bags, and other accessories.

On the other hand, most donation bins will only accept clothes or shoes. There are exceptions of course, but give the organization a call beforehand to double-check what they accept.

There are more than 7400 donation locations listed here. California, Texas, Colorado, New York, Washington, Illinois, and Florida house the vast majority of them. But there’s plenty in the other states as well.

Happy donating!

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