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The Epilepsy Foundation advocates for people in the United States who suffer from epilepsy. It has funded scientific research into new treatments and therapies. The foundation has also pushed for legislation that will benefit people with epilepsy, as well as their family members and caregivers.

They aid in the spread of information and vital resources about epilepsy, its management, and treatment. Local chapters foster ties with community organizations, such as local governments and school systems, in order to launch public awareness and outreach programs.

The foundation’s official website provides essential information, such as an epilepsy specialist finder, as well as an online seizure diary.

The foundation runs a 24-hour information and referral Helpline, in English and Spanish. They also provide a direct link to the Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund, where people with epilepsy may ask for legal advice.

The Epilepsy Foundation accepts clothing, jewelry, accessories, toys, houseware, and small, lightweight furniture. It also welcomes various types of media including books, magazines, DVDs, computer software, etc.).

Financial donations are welcome. Contributions can be made online, or through fundraisers and partnerships.

The Epilepsy Foundation has entered a functional partnership with Savers. Donated goods may be dropped off at Savers stores in the states in which the foundation operates. The profits from the sale of these goods directly benefit people with epilepsy and their families.

Free home pickup services are only available in the following areas: Greater Chicago in Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Minnesota.

The Epilepsy Foundation has donation routes and clothing bins running through cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles, states including Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and the northern part of California, and in New England.

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