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Searching for a thrift store or donation bin in Colorado? You’ve come to the right place. Here, you can see just how charitable the people of Colorado are. It’s been shown that charity through clothing donation bins or boxes will increase the likelihood of the items landing in the hands of those who need them.

Goodwill is one of the major organizations that strives to better the whole process of receiving donations from generous and charitable Americans and empowering those in need. They are also stating that people that donate items like old electronics, clothes, furniture, and books to any charity, will help the process of cleaning the environment. You can see a full list of Goodwill thrift stores and drop off locations here.

Clothes for Kids is another amazing organization based in Denver that provides quality used clothing to students from low-income and families in crisis. The Gathering Place is more focused on receiving and giving out clothes to children and babies. However, other donations are also accepted, and this charity depends on the generous support of the people living in Colorado, daily.

The Salvation Army is another excellent choice for a charity that is working to help those in need throughout the entire US. It’s a movement that provides both spiritual and physical support to families in crisis. They have a mission is to help those in need, regardless of the background.

All these charities are available throughout Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Lakewood.

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List of Colorado Clothing Donation Locations

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Colorado is home to many wonderful charitable organizations – all striving to better their community and the United States as a whole. Although they don’t all support the same causes. So if you care about where your donations are going and who they’re supporting, visit the charity’s website to find out more.

Donations tend to end up at one of two places. Either at a local thrift store in Colorado, or given directly to those in need across the state and beyond.