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The Salvation Army was founded in London in 1865. Since then it has grown into a global charitable organization, currently serving in 130 countries through its friendly donation drop off points and more. The American arm of this Protestant Christian evangelical organization provides a number of essential services to the underserved sectors of the United States.

These services include homeless shelters, food pantries, sanctuaries for victims of human trafficking and domestic abuse, support for the LGBTQ+ community, poverty alleviation programs, education programs, alcohol, and drug rehab services, and spiritual counseling.

On top of all those causes, they are one of the leading platforms helping US residents to sponsor children in need who are living overseas.

Financial donations are more than welcome to the Salvation Army, but they also accept secondhand goods as donations. Items including clothing, houseware, home appliances, furniture, and others. Vehicle donations are also welcome.

The Salvation Army USA has drop off locations and donation bins all over the country. However, it also maintains manned donation centers, which are also often thrift shops called Family Stores. You’ll find a majority of their thrift stores in New YorkTexasCalifornia, and Illinois.

If you’re unable to travel to one of their locations you found on the map above, you can also schedule a pickup. Give them a call directly and they’ll advise you on the next steps.

Pickup is also available for vehicles, but donors are advised to contact nearby donation centers first, as some centers may not accept certain types of vehicles. Some member agencies allow for online scheduling of vehicle pickups.

The Salvation Army USA’s headquarters are in Virginia. However, there are almost 8,000 Salvation Army locations nationwide. Its US Central Territory division, for instance, serves 11 Midwestern states and there is an operation center/field representative in each county. Similarly, every county in the 12 Eastern states comprising the organization’s US Eastern Territory has an operation center or a field representative.

One of the Salvation Army’s largest competitors in collecting clothing donations, is Goodwill. Just like the Salvation Army, Goodwill has thousands of drop boxes and thrift stores around the country accepting clothing donations and other household items.

Salvation Army giving donations to those in need

List of Salvation Army Drop Off Locations

America’s largest list of donation & thrift store locations


The Salvation Army supports a wide range of causes, most likely some in your area as well given the size of the organization. Some recognizable ones include disaster relief, helping the homeless, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and more. For a full list of causes, please visit their website.

Depending on what type of items your donating, they’ll likely end up in either of the following two scenarios. Either they’ll be sold in one of their thrift stores, where the funds will support their other activities, or they’ll be directly given to those in need.