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Locate and donate your clothing to charities in Ohio

Clothes donatted to a thrift store in Ohio

Ohio residents are known around the country for their generosity. This is likely the reason why so many charities have set up donation bins and donation-accepting thrift stores around the state.

Down below, you’ll find the largest list of donation locations in Ohio. With many different charities accepting many different types of donations.

Some of the more commonly accepted donatable items include clothing, toys, books, accessories, bags, and other household goods. If you’re not sure whether they can accept your donation, please give them a call beforehand.

Donated clothes for sale in an Ohio thrift store

List of Ohio Clothing Donation Locations

Scroll through the list of clothing donation boxes below or use the map to find one near you


There are plenty of fantastic charitable organizations in Ohio – with many of them more than happy to accept your donations. If you’d like to choose one that best suits your values, please visit their website to find out more about the causes they support.

Donations to thrift stores and clothing bins in Ohio will more often than not end up for sale in a thrift store. Otherwise, they will be donated directly to those in need.