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Locate and donate your clothing to charities in Hawaii

Clothes for sale in a Hawaiian thrift store

Hawaii’s ever-growing movement of charitable organizations has been neglected without any specific reason. That’s although there are more clothing donation bins than there are charities in this state. And with recent events, donations are needed on a daily basis, according to Hawaii News Now.

Assistance League is a nonprofit organization that is primarily focused on meeting and addressing needs in the community of these islands. All forms of donation are needed and welcome by this organization. Currently, they need a wide range of donations, from books to belts, clothes, as well as other accessories. On top of this, if you have any old furniture, you can donate it to this charity. Another option of contributing is to buy something from their store.

Goodwill is an organization that continues to perfect the whole process of receiving donations from charitable Americans and providing them to those in need. They’ve also got a few job positions open if you feel the urge to help others in need.

Thrift store in Hawaii selling odd household items

List of Hawaii Clothing Donation Locations

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There is no ‘best’ charity to so say. They’re just different. All the thrift stores and donation bins you see above support a wide range of different causes. To understand more about what causes they support, give the charity a call or visit their website.

If you’re donating your clothes in Hawaii, or any other state, they’ll likely end up for sale in a thrift store near you. Otherwise, they may be directly donated to those who need them the most.