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The National Kidney Foundation is the largest, most active non-profit organization in the United States that is dedicated to the treatment, prevention, and awareness of kidney disease.

The foundation sponsors screenings and kidney health tests nationwide through its Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP). It supports research on kidney disease treatments. They also advocate for greater availability of all organs for medical transplantation, but especially advocates for living donations of kidneys.

Its official website hosts extensive resources on kidney health and maintains nationally and globally recognized publications on renal health and nutrition.

NKF and their local chapters of the foundation accept donated items, such as clothing, shoes, bedding, small pieces of furniture, houseware, home improvement tools, etc. Donation centers may vary in the kinds of items they will accept. As such, you’re encouraged to call the chapter nearest to you to know the kinds of donations preferred.

Some chapters that accept donations partner with local thrift shops for fundraising purposes. The National Kidney Foundation of Florida, for example, partners with Sunshine Thrift Store.

Unfortunately, unlike Goodwill who own and maintain thousands of clothing donations bins around the country, NKF only have a few around the country.

Pickup of donated items may be scheduled by contacting a local NFK chapter. Local chapters such as the National Kidney Foundation of Florida and the National Kidney Foundation of South Carolina provide home pickup services for clothing donations.

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