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Locate and donate your clothing to charities in Maine

Clothes on a rack in a Maine thrift store

Want to donate your old clothes or other household goods to a charity in Maine? You’ve come to the right place. We have the largest list of thrift stores and donation bins around the state. Simply scroll down to see them all.

Most of the charities listed will accept clothing donations. However some other locations will accept a more diverse range of goods including homewares, accessories, shoes, bags, toys, books, electronics, appliances, and other household items. 

If you’re not 100% sure whether they’ll be able to accept your donation, please give them a call beforehand.

One of the most popular places to donate to is at one of the many Goodwill drop off centers. They usually accept a wide range of goods and the process is smooth and effective. Your clothes will be in a better place in no time.

They have some competition though, with The Salvation Army also operating a number of thrift stores. Like Goodwill, they accept a range of donations, but it’s always best to give them a call to double-check beforehand.

If you know of any donation locations in Maine that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add it in.

Thrift store in Maine selling a range of clothing

List of Maine Clothing Donation Locations

Scroll through the list of clothing donation boxes below or use the map to find one near you


If you want to choose which causes your donations will support, please visit the charity’s website to find out more.

Most usually, your donations will end up in a thrift shop where other Maine residents can purchase them. The organization will then use the funds to support their other activities.