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Savers is a chain of for-profit thrift stores accepting and reselling donated items from non-profit organizations. Among its partner charities are certain chapters of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Epilepsy Foundation, and The Arc – all of which are prominent collectors of used clothing as well.

Non-profits sell donated items in bulk to Savers and affiliated shops (Unique and Value Village). Items that are not sold are turned over to the company’s recycling partners.  Savers also works with waste management companies for responsible disposal of items that cannot be recycled.

Unsold textiles are repurposed into rags and insulation. Metals found in clothing and electronics are sold for their raw value. Savers claims to divert more than 700 million pounds of items from landfills each year, as part of its Rethink Reuse advocacy.

Common donations accepted at Savers thrift stores includes garments, accessories, shoes, sports equipment, textiles, appliances, toys, games, houseware, jewelry, media, small furniture, and more.

Donors are encouraged to contact the thrift shop outlets nearest to them to find out which items are preferred donations. If you’re unable to find a thrift store near you, why not see if there’s a Salvation Army close by instead? They have thousands of clothing boxes and thrift stores that accept a wide variety of donations.

Donations may be dropped off at Savers thrift store outlets. Savers also operate several “Donation Drop Spot” bins. Please don’t donate unusable clothing, as it’s causing quite the havoc for many thrift stores.

Unfortunately, Savers does not offer a pickup service for your donations.

The Savers family of thrift shops operates within the United States, Canada and Australia. In the USA, most shops can be found in the states of California, Illinois, Washington, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

If you know any for Savers thrift stores that aren’t on the list below, please let us know and we’ll add it in.

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List of Savers Thrift Store Locations

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Savers doesn’t directly support many community initiatives through the states. Instead, they pay other charities for the donations thay’ve received, and proceed to sell them in their own thrift stores.

If you donate directly to a Savers thrift store, your clothes or other household items will likely end up for sale right there as well. For specifics, please visit their website.