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Goodwill is a non-profit organization that initiates community-based programs related to gainful employment. It was founded in 1902 in Boston as part of a Methodist ministry. It has since grown into a $6 billion social enterprise.

To date, there are 157 local Goodwill operating thrift shops, career centers, donation centers, and wholesale outlet shops in the United States.

They use profits generated by its shops, as well as the funds gathered from donations and sponsorships, for employment placement and the development of job training programs. It provides employment support to vulnerable sectors, such as disabled people and senior citizens.

Goodwill accepts financial donations, as well as clothing and household items in usable condition. Of course, some of their drop off centers don’t accept all items, so please call beforehand.

Also, if you’re donating into one of the donation bins, please make sure the items are being worthy of donation. Goodwill has many troubles dealing with unusable donations.

Funding for Goodwill’s programs partly comes from a large network of thrift shops. Goodwill donation centers and bins can be found all over the country.

If you’re not near one of their famous blue boxes, many Goodwill donation centers offer pickup services for items that are too large for the donors themselves to transport, such as furniture. Donors are encouraged to schedule pickups with the local Goodwill center nearest to them – which you can find below.

States with many Goodwill outlet store locations include Texas, Florida, and California. Combined, these states have some of the highest numbers of Goodwill clothing boxes and thrift stores where you can donate your homewares and other goods.

If you know of any Goodwill drop off locations or bins that aren’t listed below, please let us know so we can add it in.

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List of Goodwill Donation Locations

America’s largest list of donation & thrift store locations


Goodwill works with and supports a wide range of community services, not just in the states, but around the world as well. One of the biggest causes they advocate for is unemployment – for which they offering a wide range of services to help people find a job.

As Goodwill has one of the largest number of thrift stores around the country, all the goods that you drop off at one of their many donation centers listed above will likely make they way for sale into one of their stores. The funds from sales will then be used to support their other causes.